Why you should learn how to use accounting software instead of online textbooks

You’ve heard of the “dumb money” option on your favorite accounting software, but what about the more sophisticated “real money” software?

That’s right, you can use these online tools to actually understand how to invest your money and how to do your own taxes better.

These online tools are great for helping you understand how you can save more money and do more with your money than you ever thought possible.

But if you want to actually learn how accounting works, you’ll need a book.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best accounting books for students and adults to use instead of the online options.


A Simple Guide to Accounting for the Wealthy: How to Invest Your Money, Start a Business, and Win a Million Dollars (Basic) By James B. Martin, John J. Williams, and Michael D. Bower Publisher: Basic Books, Inc. Available at: Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.fr Amazon.ca 2.

How to Use Tax Calculator (free) By John D. Miller, Donald B. Baum, and Robert W. Johnson Publisher: Oxford University Press Available at (free): Oxford University Public Library Available at Amazon.de 3.

The Art of Money Making by Donald B, Baum and John D Miller Publisher: Princeton University Press Publisher: Penguin Books, Ltd.

Available in: eBooks, eReaders, Prints, Audio, and Video: Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Kobo, and Zinio Books: Amazon 3.

How To Get Started with Accounting for Beginners (free and paid) By Donald B., James A. B, and John A. Miller Publisher, ISBN 978-0-81290-876-2, pp. 157-158.

ISBN 978 0-8125-0325-4, pp 157-156.

Available from: Amazon: Amazon 5.

How Much You Should Know About Your Financial Future by Donald A., James B., and John C. Miller ISBN 978 3-888-564-894-8, pp 5-11.

Available as eBooks from: Audible: Audibly: Amazon 6.

Accounting 101: The Complete Guide to Financial Management by Donald W. Baums Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Available at eBooks: Amazon 7.

The Best Accounting Books for Beginner’s, Sophomores, and Pros (free, paid) by Donald F. B., John A., and Donald J. Miller: ISBN 978 978-3-978-738-0709-4.

Available via: iTunes: Amazon 8.

How You Can Get Paid to Do Your Own Taxes by Donald J., James S., and David J. Kost, Jr. Publisher, Pearson Education ISBN 978 1-8738-8477-3, pp 25-28.

Available on Amazon 9.

Accounting Concepts: Understanding Tax Rules and Accounting in a Free Online Environment (free & paid) ISBN 978 8-9981-0610-4 (paperback) ISBN 8-0023-6010-4; ISBN 978 7-878-23862-6 (Kindle) ISBN 657-25-9019-6.

Available by eBooks (Kindles, iPads, and Nook): Amazon 10.

How the Accounting Industry Is Changing and the Importance of Accounting Training for Students and Professionals (free online & paid online) ISBN: 978-1-95561-831-3; ISBN: 7-93934-897-4 and 978-97893936-822-9; ISBN 678-845-4369-6, available from Amazon.


How Your College Money Can Help You Start Your Own Business, or Be an Entrepreneur (free& paid online, paperback) by Robert A. Williams Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press, ISBN 90826206716, pp 9-11; ISBN 9176612192; ISBN 2-534-00383-4 ISBN 978 1239-24997-7, available at Amazon 12.

The Complete Accounting 101 by Donald S. Baumes, James J. Bum, John B. Miller.

Publisher: Random House, ISBN 0-312-03878-0, pp, 25-30.

Available through Amazon 13.

How Investors Should Get Started in Accounting (free; paid online; paperback; eBooks) by David J., Donald A. Baumen, John A Miller, John C Miller, and Donald W Bum Publisher: Pearson Education, ISBN-0 9778817077, pp 1-16.

Available online at Amazon; paperback and e-book from Amazon; Amazon Kindle (free), Amazon Paperback (paperbacks), and Barnes & Nobles Amazon (Kindlays, iPads), and Zinios Amazon (Books, Audiobooks, and Audio CDs