Why can’t the US public trust the IRS to tell us what’s going on?

The IRS’s inspector general is investigating the agency’s hiring practices, saying that there’s “no evidence” the agency is keeping track of the money it spends to pay for audits.

The agency’s Office of Auditing (OAA) says that it has been able to collect more than $500 million from taxpayers since 2010.

The office said it will publish its findings in the coming weeks, which will be used by lawmakers to push back on the agency.

But many lawmakers have criticized the agency for not being transparent about its budget, as well as for hiring managers who are paid by the agency rather than the taxpayers.

Congress is also seeking information on the amount of money that the OAA spends on salaries and other perks for auditors, and if it was reimbursed by the IRS.

OAA director Dan Satterberg said he was not able to share the details of the audit, but said the agency has an audit committee that investigates all claims of wrongdoing.

OAA has been criticized for not requiring auditors to disclose what they received in pay, which some have said is in violation of a federal law that requires auditors and their compensation to be made public.

A House panel last year recommended the OPA conduct a probe of the matter.

President Donald Trump has made auditing the “slam dunk” of tax reform, saying the agency should be the one to go after the people who abuse their power.

He has also made auditors “a priority” in his legislative agenda, and promised to overhaul the IRS if he becomes president.

On Thursday, a White House official told ABC News that the White House is “deeply concerned” about the IRS’s budget and the lack of transparency about the agency, and that the administration will be pressing Congress to require more transparency about auditing.

“We’re committed to holding the IRS accountable and will continue to fight to get that transparency,” the official said.

Republicans in Congress have also complained about the ODA, which they say has been unable to hold auditors accountable for their work.

The agency is under fire from the IRS for not having a uniform accounting practice, which the watchdog said it was not required to follow.