Why are the salaries of the top 10 accounting departments rising?

The salaries of accounting and auditing jobs have risen over the past few years, but not as fast as other careers in the public sector.

According to a report by PayScale, the average hourly wage for accounting and financial auditors was $47.31 in 2017, a jump of $2.28.

That’s a 6.5 per cent increase since 2015.

The rise in pay is partly due to the recession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded a drop in hiring, as people put off hiring as they try to refinance their homes and save for retirement.

The number of employees has also fallen by 9,000 over the same time period.

In 2017, there were 11,919 people in accounting and finance positions, up from 10,621 in 2015.

This is largely due to a drop from 2016 when the number of positions in this area hit a record high.

In 2015, there was a 9.5 million jobs in the accounting and accounting services sector, according to PayScale.

This year, there are now 11,788 jobs, up by 8.5 percentage points.

In other sectors, the number has fallen as well.

In health care, there have been more than 8.1 million positions eliminated over the last five years.

In education, there has been a 9 per cent decline in positions since 2016.

The BLS also says there has not been a decrease in education jobs.

In the past two years, there’s been a 7.6 per cent decrease in job opportunities for education workers in education.

There has also been a drop of 2.3 per cent in education positions in manufacturing, according the BLS.

A total of 11,836,000 jobs have been eliminated in the United States in the last three years, according for the Belsize Report, an annual report released by PayScape.

Thats an average of 1.8 million jobs per year, the report said.

In 2018, there will be 1.9 million fewer jobs in finance and accounting than there were in 2015, according PayScale’s report.

The report said the public-sector jobs are still doing well, but the number is still declining.

According the BTS report, there now have 6,922,000 public sector jobs in 2020.

There are 1.5m fewer jobs for public sector workers in 2020 than there are in 2016, according payScale.

A public-service job can pay as much as $55,000 a year.