Which of the following online accounting programs are the best?

The Indian government has announced that it will provide free online accounting degrees to students.

The government has also introduced online certificates for the public sector banks, the Securities and Exchange Board of India and other financial institutions.

The free online degree program will be offered to students from the first month of the new academic year starting April, and it is also being offered to employees of public sector institutions, public sector corporations, non-profit organisations and certain government departments.

The online degree is being offered by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), which is part of the Department for Corporate Affairs.

It will be launched by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on April 21, 2017.

In the first phase of the online course, students will have to complete a course and complete a test online.

They will also have to have a personal computer and a network connection.

The course will also be administered by the Centre for the Study of Indian Economy (CSI), a joint venture between the Centre and the Department.

It has a total enrolment of 1,845,000 students.

According to the DPE, the program will cover a variety of subjects including accounting, finance, financial reporting, business administration, human resources, information technology, human resource development and human resources management.

The students are required to have completed at least one course in the subject.

The DPE will also offer a Bachelor of Public Accountancy (BPA) degree online and a Master of Public Accounting (MPA) online, which are also free.

According to the department, there are currently 5,851,931 students enrolled in online courses in India.

In the current academic year, there were 3,053,892 students enrolled, of which, 1,093,923 are in the BPA, 562,716 in the MPA and 736,095 in the Bachelor of Accounting.

The department has also announced a pilot program to provide a degree to people with no financial qualifications.

The department will conduct a pilot project in Bengaluru to assess the feasibility of a pilot study programme in Bengalureans with no academic qualifications.