What you need to know about the Barclays Premier League title decider

Barclays Premier Player – the world’s top club footballers – will play its first Premier League match of the season on Sunday, April 15, when it visits Tottenham Hotspur.

It will be the club’s first away match in seven years and it is expected to be a high-scoring affair.

However, this will be an important game for the champions to get their best out of the team, which is expected for a number of reasons.

The top scorer will likely have the best of all their players and the game will be about the quality of their chances to score goals.

Here is everything you need.

Key points: The Barclays Premier league champions will play their first away game of the year in seven, and will be led by a scorer who has scored more goals than any other player in the Barclays league title history Barclays Premier Players: Tottenham Hotspurs’ Harry Kane is likely to be Chelsea’s best player in terms of goals, with a goal tally of 27.

The Spurs striker is also their leading scorer, with 22 goals.

He is the league’s top scorer with seven.

The two other leading strikers, Sergio Aguero and Eden Hazard, are also the two leading scorers in the league.

Spurs will hope to build on a 4-0 home win over Everton last week.

Both teams will be under heavy pressure from Leicester City, but this is not likely to deter them, with both sides having a home advantage of four points.

Goals: The two teams will both be looking to build off a superb home victory over Everton.

In that game, the home side scored 10 goals in the first half and only conceded two.

In their last match, they scored just seven goals in all competitions and were outshot 34-6.

They also had a better shot conversion rate (54.4%) and shot accuracy (93.3%) in the opening 45 minutes.

They are also a better side to score from outside the box (51.5%).

If the two teams can pick up some points, they could be in good shape to challenge the Premier League leaders for the title.

Spurs’ chances: Harry Kane will be looking for his first goal of the new season against Tottenham, having scored just three in his last six Barclays Premier Premier League games.

He has scored five times in his first five Barclays Premier games and has only conceded twice.

Harry Kane, pictured in the team photo at the end of last season, scored seven goals as Chelsea won the Barclays title for the first time since 2010.

His chances of a hat-trick against the reigning champions could be very high, but the Spurs striker has scored just four goals in his previous five Barclays league matches.

He will be hoping to get his first hat-tricks in the Premier league, as Chelsea have only won the title once in their last five Barclays matches.

This is the first home match for the striker, who was released by the club in January.

Chelsea will be without Gary Cahill, who is recovering from knee surgery.

The striker scored twice in his return to the starting XI, while Jose Mourinho has also said he is looking forward to seeing Cahill’s contribution.

What to watch out for: Tottenham will be a very physical team with goalscoring chances all over the pitch.

Their attacking game will rely on quick counter-attacks and there will be plenty of chances to open the scoring.

However it will be important for both teams to be on top of their game when the ball is in their hands.

Harry Wilson’s men have conceded just one goal at home in the last five Premier League meetings with Chelsea.

This season they have won all four games at Stamford Bridge, with wins over Manchester City and Manchester United.

Chelsea are expected to make the most of any of those chances and they have the ability to create plenty of opportunities for themselves.

Spurs are also known for their creativity, and they will be eager to make an early threat in the game.

Both sides have had an injury crisis at the back end of the Premier Leagues campaign, with Chelsea suffering from a number who have missed out with knee injuries and Spurs having a number injured in the early stages of the campaign.

Chelsea lost defender Kevin de Bruyne, who will miss the remainder of the Barclays season with a knee injury, and midfielder Frank Lampard, who also has a knee issue.

This will be another difficult game for both sides.

However both teams are expected of the other for this one and the pressure is on both sides to put on a good performance.

Chelsea and Tottenham will meet at White Hart Lane, and it will also be the first Barclays Premier game in London for the Premier, with the Barclays Trophy already being played at the Olympic Stadium in London.

Chelsea have a good record against the champions and will also look to build a win over Spurs at Stamford Lane.

Chelsea’s first Barclays Cup victory at White House will be their second in a row and they look to make a second successive win.

Tottenham Hotspot are looking to win their first league game of 2016