What is a tax audit?

If you want to know what a tax auditor’s job is, it might be helpful to know where they work.

Tax audit is an accounting process that is used to assess and report on the tax bills of corporations and individuals.

It involves gathering information about the accounting of a company, its income, expenses, assets, liabilities and assets under management.

In most cases, the audit is done by an accountant who uses a tax software tool called an accountant’s assessment.

There are many types of tax audits.

Some companies are subject to a standard audit, while others are required to have their taxes audited through a specific audit or other process.

The tax code is complex and there are a lot of tax experts in the world.

The following is a guide to the types of audits, how they are performed, what they cost and how they work in the US.

Types of audits The following table outlines the types and types of audited tax returns in the United States.

The table includes information on tax audit types, their cost, how long they take, and the number of audits each year.

Types and types