The Accounting Journal’s 10 most sought-after jobs

The Washington and Lee University student newspaper’s top-ranked job list for the fall semester includes a new accounting professional.

The Journal of Accounting and Finance’s top job post is the senior accounting manager position, according to the paper’s website.

It’s one of a growing number of lucrative jobs in the accounting field for people with degrees from the University of Washington, the school’s newspaper reported Friday.

“It’s a huge opportunity for someone with a lot of experience and knowledge,” said James Fennell, the paper, which is owned by The Washington & Lee University, reported.

“We want to help them be successful in that field.”

The Journal, which has published a large number of top-rated jobs over the years, recently began a campaign to fill its top accounting jobs with experienced employees, hiring a graduate accounting professor and a graduate accountant for the department.

Other popular jobs for the job include a research assistant, associate professor of accounting, and vice president for accounting.

The paper’s job posting for the graduate student position lists no specific qualifications.

The University of Virginia, the University at Buffalo, Georgetown University, and the University in St. Louis all have top-paying jobs for accounting professionals, the Washington Post reported.

The College of William & Mary has a second top-paid job, as do the University Medical Center of Virginia in a position for an associate professor, the newspaper reported.

Fennell said the newspaper wants to “bring in people with strong backgrounds in the area” to help its students in the field, including students in accounting.

“We are looking for experienced individuals to be on the front lines in helping our students succeed,” he said.

“This is a huge field.

It requires a tremendous amount of training, and we’re going to do everything we can to help our students get the skills they need.”

The University at Albany, where Fennel earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, has one of the highest job openings in the nation, according a survey by the University System of New York.

Fernell said he has been working with his department on creating a new program for students to pursue accounting and financial literacy.

Federally accredited students can apply for the post by visiting the College of Accounting website.

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