Job prospects are tough for young Brits – BBC News

Job prospects for young British people are tough, with the country still struggling to recover from the Brexit vote.

With less than three months until the UK’s departure, it is an opportunity for many people to look ahead to a brighter future, said Pauline McEntee, chief executive of the UK Career Centre.

“The job market is still really good for young people who want to work in this industry, which has an exciting future ahead,” she said.

The UK’s economy is recovering well after the Brexit, with unemployment at just 3.5 per cent and wages rising.

However, that growth has been driven by the number of people moving out of the country, a trend that will continue as the UK leaves the EU.

But for some young people, the outlook is less rosy.

According to research by employment agency Deloitte, a quarter of 18-29 year olds in the UK do not think they can find a job in their chosen career.

Many are turning to social media, which is helping to attract young people to jobs and companies in the region.

Despite this, job prospects for those entering the job market are still bleak.

A recent survey by Deloittere found that 18-24 year olds are not seeing a lot of opportunities for advancement in their fields.

It found that only 13 per cent of 18 to 29 year olds thought they would find a new job within six months, compared to 51 per cent for those 30 to 49.

More than two-thirds of those surveyed were working part-time, compared with 20 per cent working full-time.

And those who do find work are less likely to be able to earn more than their parents or siblings.

For those who are already in the labour force, a job offer can only come once the age of 18 has passed.

Some jobs may be more attractive for those under 25.

Jobcentre Plus said the job prospects of younger people in the area have improved since the referendum result, although it is still far from a guarantee.

There are currently around 13,000 jobs in the private sector, with an additional 4,000 in the public sector, it said.