How to calculate your corporate tax rate

The IRS is trying to simplify the tax process, and it’s taking a big step by offering a free online tool to help make that happen.

The IRS will be offering the TaxPayer tool as part of its Taxpayer Portal, an online tool that allows taxpayers to fill out and submit a simple form.

You can view the Taxpayer portal at

The tool allows taxpayers who don’t have a corporation or limited liability company to fill it out and send it in electronically, and you can get a refund on your tax bill if you do.

The website will only work if you’re filing a federal tax return or if you are filing a state or local return.

It is free for taxpayers who file their federal tax returns electronically, but it will cost $49.99 to get a free copy of the Tax Payer tool.

If you already have a tax return, you can also submit a tax filing package that includes a business tax return that will be returned by the IRS.

The package will cost you $199.99 and include your state and local return as well.

The tax filing tool is part of a broader effort to streamline the tax system.

The IRS also is revamping the process of applying for a Social Security Number.