Forensic accountant hired by Perth police to look into ‘fake’ deaths

Perth, Australia – A forensic accountant has been hired to look at the death of a Perth man who was killed in a ‘fake death’.

The man was found dead in a motel room with gunshot wounds to the head on June 15.

He had apparently died after being hit in the head with a bottle or something similar.

Police say he was shot twice in the back.

His body was taken to the Forensic Science Unit in Perth, where he was taken for an autopsy.

A coronial inquest into his death is expected to begin on Wednesday.

The case has sparked a national debate about fake death and whether coronial officers should be trained to look for suspicious deaths.

The investigation has been hampered by the fact that police officers have been reluctant to speak to the man’s family, who have questioned the credibility of the coroner and the investigation.

Police believe the man died after having been shot in the face with a weapon.

But the coroner has rejected the findings of the autopsy and said she could not say whether he died from a gun shot or another natural cause.

She said the forensic evidence suggested the man had been shot twice, one in the lower back and one in his head.

“It’s a very rare case, it’s a really sad case,” she said.

Her comments have angered the man, who has said he feels like a victim of the system.

The case has drawn attention to the lack of oversight and accountability in coronial investigations.

Police have refused to confirm the man was a member of the force or whether they were investigating the case.

In July, a Perth woman, who is believed to be the man involved in the case, pleaded guilty to manslaughter over the death.

Earlier this month, a coroner’s jury acquitted the man in the murder of another man in 2012.

A coronial jury of five men and five women is due to return a verdict on Wednesday that will determine whether the man who died in the motel room was killed by a police officer.

An inquest has been called into the case of a man who went missing after being shot in his hotel room, in which police have said he died of a natural death.

The inquest was delayed when the man asked for an interpreter.